André HöferAndré Hermann Höfer

Born 1967 in the district of Viersen
1987 Leaving certificate at the Episcopal Albertus-Magnus-Secondary School , Dülken
1987-1990 Apprenticeship as banker, Municipal Savings Bank, Viersen
1990-1991 Alternative Civilian Service at the Christophorus-Home for handicapped children, Oedt
1991-1997 Academic Studies in Psychology, University Trier, promotion to
Psychologist (grad.).
1997-2000 Honorary Function for the Diocese of Trier, seminars for community service
1999-2000 Honorary Function at the AWO Bergheim, vocational preparation
since 2000 freelance with own practice
since 2003 married to Renate Höfer-Tenerowicz, fashion designer
2006-2012 Honorary Function as guidance counsellor at the “Work-and-Box-Company”, Taufkirchen, integrative social project for adolescents known to be violent

Further continuing education:

1991-1992 Dale-Carnegie-courses for communication and human resources
1997-2001 Formation in integrative gestalt-body-therapy at the GI, Dortmund
1999-2003 Formation as Releasing-teacher, vision-workshop Cap Sizun
10/2013    Retreat with Eckhart Tolle, Assisi 

To my teachers and instructors Isa and Yolanda Lindwall, Markus and Angela Langholf, Hennes Groddeck
and Dr Luiz Izquierdo for everything I was able to learn, experience and remember, I am most grateful.

My grateful thanks also goes to my parents, Hermann & Edith Höfer, to my sister Simone and to all relations of my family surrounds, in which I was allowed to grow up.

My thanks also to all those many companions I got to know during my time at school, playing football and during my studies and formations/apprenticeships.

Also deeply grateful I am to all those people and friends, whose life I was, and still am, allowed to come in contact with during my private and vocational paths.

Finally, I would like to thank the Source of all Life for giving me this wonder-ful life, which I am now allowed to live, together with Renate, the Love of my Heart.