Developing compassion

Above all, one thing is most needed in our Western World, namely Developing Compassion.
Knowledge, Reason and Logic comply only half of the truth;
therefore, they are partial and, usually, cause imbalance, when they are not fostered and
exemplified in parallel with wisdom, emotion and real sympathy.

Every human being has an “inner voice” telling them what is “good” for oneself and for others.
What do we listen to? How do we arrive at our decisions? Are we aware of our choices?

How about reducing the pressure, to become aware of oneself, to think clearly
and perceive one’s inner feeling?

Can anything be as nice as living a valiant life?

Altruism and compassion, a feeling of responsibility and inner drive are latent in all of us and want to be acted out.

“Mankind is mankind’s medicine”, runs an ancient African proverb.
“It is only with the heart that one can see properly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.”,
“The Little Prince” learned from the Fox in that gem of world literature
(Author: Antoine de Saint Exupery).  

Well then, let us welcome a fruitful cooperation at every level!