Every human being is an inimitable, unique entity, carrying in the Self unique talents and aptitudes, which need to be learned. In order to develop, every plant needs nourishment and care, space and time, and so does every human being.

And, at the same time, we as human beings are at all times also part and parcel of a bigger picture, an ensemble in which we exist and in which we are socially included; which begs the question, what we, as human beings, can do for our environment and community to augment the happiness of all involved.

That is why “win-win”-constellations are created in every sphere of life, serving not just the individual, but also the entire human community (couples, families, teams, enterprises).

In order to guarantee a lasting quality of life in small as well as big matters, certain fundamental requirements need to be fulfilled from a psycho-logical point of view, which will be addressed in the subitems listed below.