“Your ‘Yes’ be a ‘Yes’, your ‘No’ be a ‘No’!”, so said Jesus Christ.
People, couples, teams and enterprises need clarity,
about what they want and what they don’t want.
And only someone who can say “No” can also truly say “Yes”!

From a psychological (emotional) point of view, there is nothing worse than lack of clarity (or ambiguity). Lukewarm and nebulous virtual levels are unbearable in the long run.

Our motto should be: ‘Look closely’!

It is important that we train our ability to discriminate, in order that we are able to discern more and more what really is essential and vital.

In that way, an awareness for natural limits develops, and ‘elbowroom’ for all is established.

Everything takes time!

When is it time to act? When would it be better to wait, to have patience?
When is it time to talk, when is it time to keep ‘golden silence’?

Wherein lies power and energy now?