It has been chiseled in stone thousands of years ago above the entrance of the Temple at Delphi, a simple self-awareness is the quintessential of every wise action.

Any human being who knows their true identity commands true self-awareness and can, therefore, think, speak and act according to their own truth.
There is a natural vigour in their words and deeds, needing no explanation.

Egoistic self-interests are recognised in their ephemerality and, therefore, are no longer worth pursuing.

A human ‘Self’, who has recognised her-/him-self, will automatically recognise the ‘Self’ in every other person, thus real understanding will inevitably spread. As a result, clarifications and solutions in all aspects of life are natural consequences. Nothing needs to be enforced.

Don’t push the river, it flows by itself.

Time is not money!
There will always be time!
However, the question remains:

Are we taking enough time for the essential?

Everyone has to decide this for themselves…