Breathing properly

Breath is life. The more breath, the more vitality. While we inhale we take in life’s energy, while we can “release steam/pressure” when exhaling. A deep intake of breath alone can often lead to relaxation, a feeling of well-being and mental balance. As many Eastern traditions (like Yoga, Tai Chi, Karate etc.) teach, conscious breathing leads us to the centre of our power.

Even powers of self-healing can be activated through intensified breathing. The medical doctor and psychotherapist Stanislav Grof developed the method of “holotrope breathing”, whereby over a longer period (about 60 – 90 minutes) one breathes quicker and deeper than usual. In that way, the body is supplied with a lot of energy, and deep-rooted, physical tensions may come to the surface, where ultimately they can be “exhaled”. Even past experiences, embedded deep in the unconscious (e.g. from childhood years or the time before, during or after birth) can be recalled to memory and communicated. In this context, relief and a feeling of release may be encountered.

In that way, vitality, true zest for life (joie de vivre) and spontaneous self-expression emerge, and not just a few also receive inspiration during this kind of breathing.

This kind of breathing may also mean a significant experience, especially for all such persons who are accustomed to viewing their life in a rational way.