Releasing means 'to let go'; it is a simple, gentle and effective method for recognising and dissolving thoughts, behaviour patterns and emotions in their psychological origin, which complicate, constrict or block normal living.

Releasing was developed by the American medical doctor Dr E.E. Isa Lindwall and his wife R. Yolanda. They both discovered the significance of Releasing for both health and equilibrium of body, Soul and Spirit after a long and extensive complementary-medical and psychological research in 1978.

Releasing is ideal for every human being who wants to live a fulfilled, natural and true life. Everything that intrinsically hinders that can be released.  

Releasing directly comprises both the Soul and the right hand side of the brain and can, in that way, lead a person to their true potential. The horizon is widened.

Releasing serves both life and Mother Earth by looking with the ‘eyes of the heart’ at the consequences of ancient battles and wounds between man and woman, Soul and body, nature and culture, East and West, and by subsequently forgiving, thus restoring harmony again.

Releasing in its practical application begins with a simple form of deep relaxation. A person is given the opportunity to become aware of irksome memories, emotions and opinions, they can look at them afresh in an atmosphere of evaluation and empathy, they will be understood and, by means of so-called ‘Releasing-sentences’, they can be dissolved.
After the old topic has been released (or let go of), there follows an alignment to the New, the Desirable. New decisions are made, using statements like “I choose happiness in future” or
“I open up myself so that all I need for survival can come into my life and that I can implement all I have planned”, and focus is directed towards the Positive and possible potentials are aimed at.

Releasing happens right in the middle of life; it is a method, which can be used everyday, at anytime and in very concrete situations.