“Ich brauche keine Millionen, mir fehlt kein Pfennig zum Glück, ich brauche weiter nichts als nur Musik, Musik, Musik.” (Marikka Röck)
[“I need no millions, not even a penny for my happiness, all I need is music, music, music.”]

“Sing ein Lied, wenn Du mal traurig bist...“ (Ilse Werner)
[“Sing a song, when you feel sad...”]

These lines of two “Oldies” are witnesses for the elementary power of music, which knows no boundaries.

And a quotation from the “History of Music over hundreds of years” expresses in a poetic way how valuable and beneficial music and singing can be:

“Songs, which blossom out like flowers, which never wither, are jewels for the heart.”

In cooperation with the exceptionally gifted chamber singer Brigitta Matthieu, who has that special talent of bringing everyone to sing and to bond their voice with their heart, we offer day-time- and weekend-courses.